I have always thought HE>I was a clever and great reminder that God is truly greater than me. But as I am learning in greater ways to abide in Christ, I realize that my heart and attitude tell a different story. Sadly, it’s more HE<I. What the heck?!?! But I thank you, Father, for your loving way of allowing me to see my heart.

Andrew Murray writes in his book, “Abide in Christ, “And others, again, alas, will confess that it is their own unfaithfulness that has kept them from the enjoyment of the blessing. When the Savior would have kept them, they were not found ready to stay; they were not prepared to give up everything, and always, only, wholly to abide in Jesus.” Yup. Pretty obvious. No excuses. That’s been me. How often have I not remained in Christ because I was not prepared to give up what I wanted. HE<I.

How crazy is that? Really. I can stay and enjoy the presence and the blessing of God but I choose to settle for whatever blessing I think I can enjoy apart from Him. Just writing that is embarassing. But maybe that is part of the journey. If I’m embarrassed, then obviously it’s a foolish choice. I need to be able to think things through and make better choices throughout my day.

Father, You are greater than me. That is obvious. Thank you for continuing to teach me to abide in Christ. I need Your help to make better choices and Your strength to remain in Christ when foolishness pulls and tempts me to leave His presence. Help me to see the foolishness of thinking the HE<I when I’m in that moment of decision. Thanks!


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