Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday. It’s her 26th birthday. I can remember 26 years ago, holding her for the very first time, thinking how blessed I was. I can remember going from the birthing room to the nursery, walking like I had the most precious thing in the world in my arms. Actually, to me, it was the most precious thing in the world. After 26 years, I clearly remember that momentous day. As Rocky would say, “It was one of the greatest days in the history of my life.”

Looking back, it amazes me how fast time flies by. 26 years, over a quarter of a century, just flew by. It’s crazy. How have things changed in that time? How have I changed? Have I changed? I know I have changed physically, that’s for sure. But have I changed? Have I grown? Again, not physically. Have I matured? I think back on these past 26 years and wonder how many things I have told God that I would do. Things I would start doing. Things I would adjust in my life. Things I would do in response of God’s leading. Things I would start once I had the time. So many things. And so many unfinished things.

As I reflect upon the last 26 years, I realize that the truth of the matter is, waiting to start something when I have the time, really means that I will never get started. The truth is that I will always be busy doing something, beneficial or not. I will always have things to do, productive or not. It isn’t really about having the time. It’s all about making the time. If God is leading me to do something, it comes down to a choice. A personal choice to sacrifice some things, so I can start something else. It comes down to giving up some things to gain some other things. If it’s from God, better things.

I am learning that abiding in Christ requires me  to give up things to gain other things. Abiding in Christ is really a choice. A daily ongoing choice. No gun to my head. No twisting of arms. Just a choice. I wonder about the next 26 years. Will I do better starting and adjusting and incorporating and even completing things, God things in my life? I sure hope so. But again, it comes down to a choice. Will I give up some things to start other things that God is leading me to start? I hope I do better. At the very least, I have 26 years of learning under my belt. Will I do better? Time will tell. I’m excited to try. I’m exciting to continue to abide in Christ.

“Teach us to number our days,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”       

Ps. 90:12

Yes Father, teach me to number my days, that I may gain a heart of wisdom.

another step…

Oh and by the way, happy, happy birthday dear daughter of mine. You are one of the greatest things that have happened in the history of my life.

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