The Longing of the Heart

A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul…

Proverbs 13:19

Spending time with my Father this morning stirred a longing in my heart. I asked Him to turn my heart fully to Him, that my heart would beat in sync with His. As I prayed, I felt a stirring and a longing deep in my heart.

Turning once again to my friend, Andrew Murray, in his book, “The True Vine,” God uses “Andy” to speak right where I am.

“With many Christian the thought of personal safety, which at their first awakening was a legitimate one, remains to the end the one aim of their religion. The idea of service and fruit is always a secondary and very subordinate one. The honesty longing for much fruit does not trouble them. Souls that have heard the call to live wholly for their Lord, to give their lives for Him as he gave His for them, can never be satisfied with this. Their cry is to bear as much fruit as they possibly can, as much as their Lord ever can desire or give them. Bear much fruit: so shall ye be My disciples-Let me beg every ready to consider these words most seriously.

Andrew Murray, The Vine p. 63

How wonderful it is that our loving Father sees and hears us and is there to commune and answer our prayer. I look ahead today with an excitement and a sense of longing fulfilled.

“Dad (Father), help me to walk as a new creation in Christ, a branch vitally connected to the Vine, longing to bear much fruit, fruit and a life that makes you smile. Thank you!”

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